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Doing this single thing can make sex better

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Everybody is entitled to a healthy and joyful sex life and there is no distress in trying a little change in your bedroom pattern to figure out what works and what doesn't. When you are sexually happy, the tension goes down and you remain relaxed. But, at a similar time, sex is also something that makes people, mostly women awkward because of the issue of body image. A growing detach or stiffness between you and your partner can also crash your sexual well-being and stop you from attaining any satisfaction.
According to specialists and therapists, doing one particular thing can literally ease the sexual experience. And that is something as simple as giving your partner an encomium. It might sound easy, but it can make a big difference.

Research, which has been published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy researched close to 200 women aged between 18-30 who were intricated in a devoted relationship. They were interrogated about how they feel about their own body and how their individual partners feel about the same.

The researchers then inquired about the women's sex lives, cross-question them how often they felt the sexual wish, their level of encouraging, moisturization, number of orgasms, and sexual pleasure. They were also asked about whether they ever experienced torture during intercourse.

Post the research, it could be seen that the women who said that their partner admired how they looked and valued their thinking reported greater pleasure in bed and an overall better sexual drive as collated to the women who were unconfident about their own looks and said their partners never praised them much. Those who felt high levels of desirability from their partner had more excite, lubrication, and orgasms, all signs that the sex is pretty damn delightful.

The study spotlighted that when men who make an additional effort to complement their women in bosom private moments, make their women enjoy a good sex drive.


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