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Don't have these 8 foods late at midnight, Suggested by Dietician

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12 a.m. hunger feel so good! We all are well familiar that midnight grazing is linked to weight gain, sleeplessness, and other health-related problems. Even then we can narrowly withstand the desire of indulging in midnight grazing. From chips to chocolate, we eat anything handy at that time to satisfy our hunger, without thinking much about its consequence. But there are some food items that you should avoid consuming late at night at all cost, for the benefit of your health.

Here is a checklist of 8 food items that nutritionists instruct you to stay away from:

1. French fries and potato chips

The deep fried potatoes might seem attractive to you, but they are not at all fine for your rest and health. Avoid french fries and potato chips at all cost throughout night time. The high-fat content in the food will make your body pivot more on dissolution than on sleep. This will also steer to heartburn or ebb tide.

2. Tea

It is surely calm to have a nice hot cup of tea before bedtime but it should be circumvented. Whether it is black, green or lemon tea, all contain caffeine, which can pannier your pleasant sleep. Even a ferment of herbal water can make you sprint to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

3. Ice cream

Who does not enjoy a chilly and smoothy elegance at night? We all are responsible for savouring it. But ice creams are full of blubber and having them late at night can activate acidity and acid flowing.

5. Pizza

Late-night pizza might appear like one of the best commodity to do, but be attentive before requesting one for yourself. Pizzas are sycophantic and high in fat, which can rearrange your digestive system and origin heartburn. It is critical to feeling lightened before going to bed, for a good sleep.

6. Cereal

A pan of cereal is one of the most suitable foods to have at night. But cereal accommodates immoderate sugar, which can stake your blood glucose level and can be a cause for insomnia. Have a low diet before going to bed for a good sleep.

7. Sparkling drinks

Sparkling drinks do not hold any nutrients and are full of nought calories. The fantasy of the drink can lead to heartburn and can keep you slinging throughout the night.

8. Chocolates

You should not pamper in this sugary treat late at night besides you are planning to stay up. Chocolate also holds caffeine that can influence your pleasant sleep.

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