Five hat fashion for men.

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Headgears are have been native to the Indian lifestyle in the form of turbans. However, recent times have seen the existence of mostly baseball caps among Indian men. Here are four hat and cap styles that you should absorb to give your informal wear an extra style.


Panama Hat

A flaxen hat deriving from Ecuador, it is light-weight and perfect for Summers. The art of twisting the conservative Ecuadorian toquilla hat was added to the UNESCO bodiless Cultural Patrimony Lists. Set it up with a chilly linen shirt.


Bowler Hat

Familiarize by genius figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, and Laurel & Hardy; this was a hat that started by being worn by the working-class figures. It is recognized by its classic curved crown and short, stiff brim, and is generally in the colour black.


One More Summer hat, this one was worn out by mariners and sailors, thus its name. It came to be familiarized by musicians in present times.


Fedora Hat

Identified by its dented crown and worn look in the front, and bound by a ribbon; the fedora is one of the most favoured hats in the present age. Pair it with a half-sleeved shirt and shorts for a cool look.



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