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Pre & Post gym Nutrition for High-Intensity Interval Training(H.I.I.T)

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become widely popular because of better results in shorter periods of time. With engaged schedules, it’s no wonder so many people and potential people are now searching out for these kinds of workouts.

HIIT involves replicated sessions of relatively brief, irregular exercise, generally executed at very high intensity, can be effortlessly modified for various people requirements and fitness levels. When uniting with an expert nutrition program, personalized HIIT programs can evoke serious outcomes and health benefits, including:

  • Refine blood pressure and Boost cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Boost body composition

Pre-workout Nutriment for HIIT

Due to the force of these workouts, it’s crucial to follow a healthy nutrition plan with enough nutrient in the days and hours leading up to a workout. Plan on an average- to high-carbohydrate food that also covers protein approximately three to four hours before the HIIT workout, and then additional high-carbohydrate snack within an hour after the gym. A good way for a pre-workout meal include:

  • Whole-wheat bread with peanut butter
  • banana
  • Non-fat yogurt or cheese with fruit
  • Dried fruit and almond nuts 

Post-workout Nutriment for HIIT
The widest nutritional concern post-workout is replacing energy and renovating muscles that have been broken down during the extreme workout. Again, a mixture of carbohydrates and protein has been shown to be most effectual. The analysis shows that a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein within 30 minutes of finishing a HIIT workout is best for replacing energy stores in preparation for the next high-intensity workout. Suggestions for post-workout nutrition are similar to pre-workout meals and contain:

  • Whole-grain cereal
  • soy milk and fruit
  • Whole-wheat with fruit and cheese

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