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Replace your chai with red tea, All because of its benefits.

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Is Tea healthy for you?

Most of us have the practice of beginning our day with a hot cup of sugar and milk chai. We cannot believe of beginning our day without a hot cup of chai! And so we consume all the extra calories and caffeine tannic acid without realising how much harm it’s doing to us.

Think about what you are drinking!

One thing each weight observer would surely agree on is cutting down on the number of cups you consume every day. While we are not saying that tea(chai) is unhealthy, there is a reason why you should be observing the number of cups you are drinking

Is green tea not healthy!

Green tea or herbal teas, in common, are filled with antioxidants and immunity-boosting pigment, they do nothing literally when it comes to fat burning. If there is one tea that can literally help, it is rooibos or red tea, which is achieving popularity nowadays.

Red Tea clean away the toxins

Red tea removes out the toxins, which keeps issues of indigestion and bloating at bay, thereby assists you to lose weight faster. There are also some other advantages of red tea which you should aware of:

  • Guarantees better immunity - Rooibos tea is full with the antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins help with the strong immune system.


  • Control Type 2 diabetes - polyphenol aspalathin which literally assists fighting insulin resistance and control the signs of Type 2 diabetes


  • Enhance heart health - It removes bad cholesterol and toxins to make heart healthy. 


  • Keep your skin glowing - contains several helpful bacteria which reverse the ageing blues .


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