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Try the 4 -7- 8 breathing method to reduce stress or worry

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Breathing the best way has countless health advantages. It boosts your attitude, blocks you from catching an illness and decreases inflammation in the body. Straightforwardly put, deep breathing assists our health in more ways than one.

In one of his current social media posts, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho spoke about how breathing can be beneficial in fighting stress and worry.

Luke wrote, “The power of breath... the healing power in your breath in and breath out. use it to fight stress and worry, to energise those lungs, to rush oxygen-rich life to trillions of cells in your body and’s very simple, it’s easy, it’s free.. this called lifestyle”

He also described a particular technique of breathing, called yogic breathing, which assurance to help fight stress and worry during any point of the day.

The strong yogic breathing technique

You require to count till 8, where you have to breathe in till the count of 4, hold your breath till the count of 7 and then breathe out at the count of 8.

Isn’t it really nothing? The good part? You can do it everywhere, anytime without requiring any other equipment.



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