Rice for weight loss

I advise most of the people when they come to know that they are trying to lose weight is to stop having rice. But why? Is rice actually bad for...

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Self-caution is the new empowerment

The evidence is in the downloads,” wrote Kylie Gilbert in Shape magazine last December to signify that self-caution was the biggest app trend of 2018. It has shown no signals...

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Health advantages of black coffee

Black coffee can cure if drank the proper way. Yes, you heard it proper. Drinking black coffee has countless health advantages as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Let’s...

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Benefits of Exercise

We have all heard it many times - regular exercise is good for you, and it helps you in losing weight. But to be honest a large part of our...

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Your Most prime 2019 determination

New Year’s determination is so favored because the new year marks a new start and a new possibility to meet goals. A determination is a prompt that we really should...

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What is 'Hinduism?'

The word ‘Hindu’ is not revealed in the Ramayana, Gita, or any Ved. In the Ramayan, there is only reveal of the dharm of the son, dharm of the wife...

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Yoga, a best lifestyle

Pranams to all readers with all my heart. During the last few days, you must have gathered a lot of data about systems of Yoga. The most popular one, that...

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